Danny Kerman – His Many Faces Exhibition


Curator Moran Pearl Constantin

Born and raised in Karkur, Danny Kerman began attending Bezalel at the age of 16, where he studied applied graphics. In the 1960s, Kerman, in conjunction with his cousin Eric Kerman, founded the Kerman/Kerman Studio, which operated for 14 years. Under the studio, the two focused on graphic design, illustration as well as exhibition and museum planning. Danny also designed the displays in the major Adloyada (Purim) parades in Tel-Aviv. He says, “In the morning, I worked as a graphic designer in the studio. Evenings were dedicated to ‘art’ – pieces of wood, silk print and numerous drawings I created in my small living room studio”. Once the studio closed, Danny primarily focused on illustration.

In 1982, Danny Kerman was one of the founders of the satirical supplement “Davar Acher", which operated for 12 years as part of the newspaper "Davar", and another 10 years in Yedioth Ahronot, the entire time during which Danny served as editor and author.

Danny illustrated approximately 500 books, primarily children’s books. The books he illustrated comprise, according to him, his permanent exhibitions. Danny has collaborated and still collaborates with many authors who write for children, including Yehuda Atlas, Yoram Taharlev, Nurit Zarchi, Ephraim Sidon,  Benjamin Tammuz, Nira Harel, Shlomo Abas, Shlomit Cohen Assif, Yona Tepper, and many others.

Danny Kerman wrote, sponsored and published many books, some of which on his own and some with co-authors: Aharon Shemi, and his sons Tomer and Ori. These books include: Misaviv la Mapa (Around the Map), sounds better in Yiddish, Sefer Hameshalim (book of fables), Two Jews Took a Train, Who is a Jew, Milim meshugaot (crazy words), The Thirteenth Cat and The Complete Book of Monsters.

Kerman initiated a re-publication of books and stories of past authors accompanied by new illustrations in order to bring these books back to the shelves. Among the books are Ma'aseh be Peh Sofit, Ma'aseh be Hirik Katan,  It Happened on Chanukah,  The Tenth Chick (Natan Alterman), Me and Tali in Lama (why) Country (Avraham Shlonsky), The Bad Boy (Leah Goldberg),  Naar be Yaar (a boy in the forest) (Chaim Nachman Bialik), The Lion Who Loved Strawberries (Tirtza Atar), and Mika and the Firefighters (Dahlia Ravikovitch). Books by foreign authors were renewed by him including "The Hunting of the Snark" (Lewis Carroll) and Rudyard Kipling’s "Just So" Stories.

The books illustrated by Danny Kerman differ from each other in illustrative styles. His clean line might be misleading but a more careful review of his illustrations reveals the humor and tremendous amount of information that occasionally is not part of the story but the fruit of his imagination. Danny’s handling of the different stories in both material and style prove that he is a virtuoso illustrator, an artist.

Throughout the years, Danny Kerman won various awards for his illustrations, including the Gutman Award for Illustration, Anderson Award for Children’s Literature, Sokolov Award for Journalism and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ministry of Culture.

The Israeli Cartoon Museum is honored to present Danny Kerman with the Golden Pencil Award for 2019, for his work over many years in the field, for his fostering the next generation of illustrators (having taught illustration for 30 years at various institutions), for his renewal of books and stories of Israeli and foreign authors to make them accessible to future generations, for "Davar Acher", for his illustrations that have become a national treasure, and particularly for his ability to maintain a sharp and honed yet soft and pleasant line, a line that creates powerful and powerful images and magical and imaginative illustrations



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