Personal Journey in Comics – Erez Zadok Exhibition

Curator Dorit Maya Gur

We are in the midst of the ‘self documentation’ era that is flourishing through social media, with Instagram quickly becoming dominant among social networks, comprising a large public space where millions of people can share the most intimate aspects of their lives. The feed photos and text that accompany every photo introduces a new and powerful player known as the STORY. The story, as its name implies, is brief content that is uploaded for 24 hours only, through which we expose a new item of information about ourselves. Anyone who fails to rush to view within 24 hours will not be able to view it the next day.

In this exhibition, you can view the works of recognized and successful artist Erez Zadok that sheds light on his personal journey. 32-year-old Erez, who lives in Netanya, shares bits of his life on Instagram, where his number of followers has reached 90,000 around the world. The exhibition clearly reveals the process Erez underwent from his post-army trip to South America via graphic novella to the transition from his life of singlehood to a relationship with his partner, and later the transition to becoming a parent to his daughter Maya through his 'Bundle of Joya' comic strip that is published once a week on his Instagram page. Later in his journey, Erez breaks the borders of our small country and establishes himself as a successful global artist, with headlines published in English in the US that signifies for may the peak of the comic world such as 3 o’clock club. In the sharp transition from the personal to the collective in the Passover Hagaddah, Erez describes via an illustrated story the exodus from Egypt with a comparison with our modern day slavery. We are enslaved by social media and endless documentation of our lives, to improving our appearance by retouches and photoshop as well as the unending occupation with the number of Likes we receive.





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ב', ד' 13:00-10:00
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שבת 15:00-10:00
א', ו' - המוזיאון סגור
רח' ויצמן 61, חולון
טלפון 03-6ff521849 | פקס 03-6521867
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