Ziporen Shlufa (drawn claw) Exhibition


Ziporen Shlufa (drawn claw)

Illustrated Responses to Public Scandals

Curator: Michal Korman

Caricature has a long history as a mode of entertainment. Portraits that were drawn in a distorted and exaggerated manner to amuse the general public and ridicule the subjects of the illustration throughout history, and particularly in the modern era. At the same time, the field of politics is the home of the caricature: even if the caricature is designed to amuse, it first seeks to relay a message about the social and political scene, and to present a critical perspective of current events. The caricaturist is not just an illustrator but a publicist, and as such, in order to understand his work, the events to which the caricaturist is responding and the position being relayed must be considered.

The exhibition presents an array of caricatures that were published between 2017-18 in the Israeli press. The caricature at its finest critically and powerfully responds to current events, and accordingly, the collection of caricatures displayed in the exhibition is a time capsule that captures the major political an social events that occurred during this period: investigation of the Prime Minister and other public officials, controversial laws that were recently passed by the Knesset, the MeToo movement, protests against violence against women, conflicts rooted in religion and state, lively public discussions about the cost of living and social failures, changes of the media and conflict with the Palestinians on the Gaza border. The exhibition displays these events from the perspectives of 27 caricaturists participating in the exhibition, a perspective that is both critical and amusing.

In this day and age, in which journalists, artists and cultural leaders are forced to repeatedly defend their freedom of expression on political issues, it is important to remember that a good caricature is one that generates discomfort, one that floats social tension, political rivalries and lack of consensus about our common existence in the country. At the same time, this exhibition does not invite relaxed viewing but encourages alert and involved observation. The exhibition reminds us of said conflicts that have been accompanying us over the past two years and invites us to participate in the discussion.



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